How to ace your Final Exams

Finals begin tomorrow! Students need to be prepared to tackle the tests each teacher hands you. What will you do to prepare? Here are some tips on how to do your best:

  • On, you can make note cards online and make quizzes to take. The site can also show you a percentage that you will most likely get on your test based on how many questions you have correct. You can view a graph that shows your progress visually.

Your state of health matters when taking a test. You need to be at your top potential to do your best. Here are some tips to help your brain perform at its best on a test day.

  • Sleep well in order to restore your brain. Sleeping helps to retain the information you have studied. It also helps you to keep focused during the day. Getting a good night’s rest the night before would be wiser than staying up until midnight to study.

Information from:

  • When eating a healthy breakfast, proteins are your best bet. Unhealthy breakfast choices, which are anything high in sugar or carbohydrates, or no breakfast at all can leave you feeling sluggish and uneasy.
  • Read over all of the notes and homework from the semester. Most likely your teacher will use questions that are similar to what has been covered previously.
  • If you find yourself feeling stressed during the test, take a second to slow down and breathe. If you calm down and take your time, the answers will come easier to you.
  • According to live, chew gum during the test. It sharpens the mind by delivering blood to your head because of your chewing motions.
  • After the test, if you have time, review your answers. Sometimes you can make silly mistakes that could negatively affect your grade if you forget to correct them.
  • On multiple choice tests it’s usually best to go with your first guess. Sometimes you can doubt yourself and get it wrong.
  • Another way to make sure that you get the question right is by crossing out obvious wrong answers, and then going from there. This is called “The Process of Elimination.”
  • Make sure to re-read the questions and answers before you come up with an answer. It’s a common mistake to read the question incorrectly.