Mirra Hays, Reporter

One day you’ll be walking through a bookstore, and an author’s name will catch your eye. The name will be Mirra Hays, the writer of the most riveting mystery novels of her time. But for now, Mirra is a regular sophomore who dreams of her future as an author. She loves English, and although she is only just beginning her sophomore year, she knows that it’s going to be her favorite class. She also has become enamored with journalism, which she discovered caters to her love of writing just as much if not more than English does. She’s really excited about what she’s going to be doing in the class this year, especially all the writing opportunities. Mirra has never been more excited for a school year than she is this year. She just moved out of her old house this summer, and she also got braces, so she feels like everything is new. She hopes to get more story ideas and writing opportunities, and she knows that this year will be best for those interests. Mirra feels like her sophomore year is a new start, and she is going to make the best of it.

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Mirra Hays