How to study for finals

Shreya Nathan

June 11, 2013

With only a few days left of the school year, the only thing separating you from summer is finals. Finals week can cause a great amount of stress and anxiety for high school students, especially in second semester. Many wonder when...

Top Ways to Succeed in Finals

Jacqueline DelBene, Julia Mogen

January 23, 2013

Want to do well on finals this year? Stuck on how to begin? Use the following tips to improve your scores, according to Simmons and Teen Vogue. 1.) Start early. It’s never too early to start studying. 2.) Make copies of y...

How to ace your Final Exams

Mirra Hays

January 30, 2012

Finals begin tomorrow! Students need to be prepared to tackle the tests each teacher hands you. What will you do to prepare? Here are some tips on how to do your best: On StudyBlue.com, you can make note cards online and mak...

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