Top Ways to Succeed in Finals

Want to do well on finals this year? Stuck on how to begin? Use the following tips to improve your scores, according to Simmons and Teen Vogue.
1.) Start early. It’s never too early to start studying.
2.) Make copies of your old tests and treat the time like you’re taking the actual test and see how well you do.
3.) Gather a study group with 3-5 people and test each other on the material and gather each others classwork to feel more confident.
4.) Study in a comfortable quiet environment.  As great as Starbucks sounds, it really isn’t an ideal place to focus on studying.  Listen to some music to keep from people bothering you.  Libraries, desks in your home or an empty classroom are helpful environments to have a successful study session.
5.) Get a lot of sleep. Studying until 3 a.m. won’t do you any good, it will just make you tired.
6.) Work out through the week, this will help keep your blood flow and get your mind off of studying for a period of time.
7.) If you have any questions, ask your teachers.  They will be more than happy to help with anything you need help on.
8.) Eat healthy meals with high protein along with fruits and vegetables, try not to eat a lot of junk food, it may give you instantaneous energy,  but it can damage your concentration and memory.
9.) Drink a lot of water, try to avoid sugary drinks like soda, Red Bull, Rockstar, etc.
10.) Don’t stress out.  If you pace yourself and use these tips to help you perform well.