May Day court announced following student vote


Danny Tudorache, senior, was one of the nine boys elected to May Court.

Eighteen seniors were greeted with good news after school today when the May Day Court was announced. Nine boys and nine girls found out they were a part of the group when they each opened envelopes with the names of the court inside it.

“I was so excited when I opened my envelope,” Camille Bradshaw said. “Everyone was watching me open it and I got a lot of smiles and hugs from other people who made it.”

Mitch Vogt was voted to become part of the court. He expressed relief and excitement that he made it. Unfortunately, the two sport athlete found that his election to the court brought forth a scheduling conflict.

“We have a baseball game on that day, and it happens to be against (Lake Oswego).”

All applicants submitted recommendation letters from both a community member and a teacher. Included in the application was a portion where the candidates endorsed themselves and wrote why they should a part of May Court. For the final piece, the students delivered a one to three minute speech about someone who influenced their lives.

Each student made a video bit that was shown to the student body. Vogt and his girlfriend, Mackenzie Larson, did their video together. Beforehand, they made the agreement that if one made it and the other did not, the chosen one would still go through with it. This agreement did not go any further, however, as both made it.

“The fact that we both made it on makes it so great,” Larson said. “I am so happy I get to do May Court with him.”

The entire May Day court is below:
Emily Axelrod
Camille Bradshaw
Hayley Campa
Taylor Finch
Hannah Beth Gilbert
Mackenzie Larson
Maddie Pellico
Rachel Sliger
Brittany Westover

Nick Bode
Elijah Eaton
Rahul Gates
Tony Glausi
Nick Hanlin
Eric Lonsway
Reed Sturtevant
Danny Tudorache
Mitch Vogt