School board decides how to make up for snow day

When snowfall canceled the school day on March 17, one important question loomed for the administration: how would that lost time be made up? The school board answered this question on Monday, April 9, deciding that April 25, originally to be a half day, will now be a full day of school. The week of April 23 will now have a normal class schedule, with April 25 as a modified six-period day.

The day will have a modified schedule to accommodate the already-planned assembly for seniors on that day. It will also include an extended live Roar for May Day and ASB voting.

“Due to Jostens coming and delivering senior graduation announcements, we cannot move this to another day,” Lou Bailey, principal, wrote in an e-mail to school faculty explaining the schedule change.

Friday, June 15, will still be the last day of the school year.