Going through the motions of Model United Nations

While many were outside enjoying the weather, The Model United Nations team spent a sunny three day weekend inside at University of Oregon in Eugene — but for good reason. The weekend they had been waiting for had finally arrived, and they were prepared to debate for the sake of their respective nations. The Model United Nations Conference took place from April 12 to 14.
Participants in Model U.N. are assigned different nations to represent. They debate with other countries until they come to a peaceful agreement. Students must take the time to research the nations to which they are assigned so that they are able to logically debate for that country.
“Summing it up, you’re talking about your country’s point of view,” Shruthi Thandri, sophomore said. “You’re trying to get a resolution from your country passed by a general assembly, and you are also representing your country on several different issues.”
Each school participating is assigned two countries each year tor represent. This year, West Linn High School represented South Africa and Norway. Students must learn about these two countries, including about their economy, social issues and human rights.
“There are a lot of different parts to it,” Thandri said. “Kim Tran and I were assigned to global securities.”
Todd Jones, a social studies teacher who has been on sabbatical, has been the adviser for Model U.N. This year, Jonathan Peachey, Spanish teacher, temporally took over as adviser.
“I loved the Model U.N. group — we lost a lot of seniors last year, but the conference was phenomenal, and the students were phenomenal,” Peachey said. “I’d love to keep doing it, but it’s Mr. Jones’s club. It was great year.”