Summer slows students’ second semester studies

As summer nears, students are assaulted by a plethora of distractions that may obstruct their ability to study for finals. These are often internal—feeling malaise resulting from all the work put in during the regular school year, or focusing on summer plans.

“I’m just done.” Craig Wright, junior, said, referring to his lack enthusiasm for the upcoming finals. “I’m mentally checked out; I’m procrastinating on homework and not paying full attention in class because I’m thinking about [my] summer plans.”

Some distractions are unavoidable, like the seniors leaving and the weather improving, but the key to succeeding at the end of the year is transcending all of these distractions and studying for the last push. For students who are trying to finish the year on a high note sometimes it can be helpful to ask for advice.

“I’ve just experienced kids that are concerned about their finals, they want to do really well and they want advice on ‘how do I focus myself those last couple of weeks so that I can do really well?'” Jennifer Jolly, guidance counselor, said.

Jolly recommends that students talk to their teachers.

“Get in, talk face to face with the teacher, e-mail them if you have to but get some communication going with the teacher so that you can get some ideas as to what might be on the final. If you have specific questions that you are feeling you are in the dark about, you can get your questions answered before you take the final.”

Ultimately, the onus falls on the student. They can’t give in to simply being bored with school or tired of studying. Students need to be able to see the bigger picture and do what they have to do to prepare for finals. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for finals:

Talk to teachers about the final so it’s clear what you should study for

Go back to the tried-and-true classic: flashcards; is a great site for free flashcards

Studying outside can be a good way to scratch the summer itch and still work hard

Try to maintain a balance between frequent breaks and concentrating on your studies

Study with friends who are as prepared as you are

Sleep 8 to 10 hours the night before the final and the night before that

Jog, walk or a bike ride in the morning; exercise stimulates brain activity