Dress code conduct causes administrative concern

Despite the rainy June weather, students have started to dress like it’s summer.

According to the dress and personal hygiene code found in the WLHS Student Handbook, “students are expected to dress in a fashion conducive to a positive learning environment and to meet health and safety standards.” The following articles are specifically forbidden:

“-Clothing that promotes the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

-Clothing with abusive or suggestive language or symbolism, or reflecting gang affiliations

-Clothing, devices, identifying markings or paraphernalia that indicate membership or support for youth gangs including bandanas of any color. Shorts are permitted, but students should exercise mature judgment in the selection of their length.

-Clothing that allows bare midriffs, backs or underwear garments to show.

-Clothing or jewelry with spikes.

-Clothing that is deemed disruptive to the educational process. “

The latest fashion trends call for the types of clothing that may spur the administration’s concern. Clothes such as pencil skirts, tube tops, ripped back shirts, short shorts and more are trending. While these types of clothing are popular amongst the teenage population, students display these clothes in manners that violate the dress code. However, some students have been able to stay under the radar by pulling short shirts down or changing clothes.

Nonetheless, students and staff members are encouraged to point out to their friends and students if they’re violating the dress code.

“If it’s a confidentiality matter, students can go to the counselor or to their teacher,” Derek Jaques, assistant principal, said. “We want students to feel comfortable when they come to us about it.”