The aftermath of Lake Oswego murder

Stabbing, murder, manhunt. The murder of Frederick “Fritz” Hayes Jr., 57–the murder that has put many people off guard in cities around Oregon.

Hayes and his wife Margaret Hayes, were out walking their two beagles around 6:30 a.m on Sept.17. When they arrived home, they found an intruder in their house. Erik John Meiser, 37, attacked Hayes, who died on the scene. Hayes’ wife ran out of the house and called 911.

The murderer then left the area and the Lake Oswego Police Department began the manhunt for Meiser. Meiser was considered to be very dangerous, being arrested in 10 different states for many different charges such as burglary, hate crimes, drugs and assault . Meiser was later caught in Corvallis, Ore.

Hayes was very involved within the Lake Oswego community. He refereed high school  lacrosse games and was very friendly with neighbors. There was a memorial held at United Church of Christ, a few days after the death of Hayes and many people showed up to show their support and respect for the family. People talk about Hayes in a positive way  and wish the best for his family.

“We feel so sorry for their family,” Becky Kaelin, neighbor of Hayes, said.

Kaelin thinks the LOPD did a good job with the event and the way they handled it.

The aftermath of the murder has taken a toll on many people living in the Lake Oswego area and cities all over Oregon. People are now making sure to lock their doors and remember to take the extra steps for security.

“We have installed a security system and always make sure to lock the doors now,” Jovi Fairchild, neighbor, said.

People in the Lake Oswego area have been affected, but they have said that they have not changed their feelings about the place they call home.

“I am happy with the way the police handled everything” Fairchild said.

The memories of Hayes will forever be in the hearts of many people. He made an impact on the community and people talk about him like he will never be forgotten.