Students qualify for international and national science fairs

The CREST-Jane Goodall Science Symposium took place in the Auxiliary gym on March 14 and 15, and 25 students moved on to the next level today being held at the Northwest Science Expo in Portland. Over 180 students district-wide participated in the CREST-Jane Goodall Science Symposium, a fair associated with ISEF.

Out of everyone who participated, Arianna Hall, Zoe Maxwell, and Clara Altemus, seniors, are moving on to International Sustainable World Energy Engineering Environment Project Olympiad.

“Our project was generating electricity from rainfall,” Hall said. “We built a water wheel to do that.”

All ISEF fairs are run by the Society for Science and The Public. The district coordinator, Amy Schauer has been doing the fairs for over seven years.

“The projects are very diverse,” Schauer said. “They range from new inventions to new insights into how people behave.”

Microbiology, physiology and engineering are some of the most common topics. Students spend many months working on their projects. Their science teachers are their mentors, along with an outside adviser.

“There are students working on testing new ways to eradicate harmful bacteria,” Schauer said, “students working on new devices to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and students working on brain wave measurements that are related to the best learning.”

Also going to the Northwest Science Expo today are: Milo Webster, Teresa Condon, Caroline Swanson, Diana Swanson, Arianna Hall, Zoe Maxwell, Clara Altemus, Nick Trese, Seth Mann, Olivia Kramer, Stephanie Pettro, Rickey sala, Markus Woltjer, Jassiel  Pena, Henry Li, Brett Barraclough, Salvatore Henderson, Duncan Prince, Caleb Archuleta, Krista Wurscher, Madeline Ford, Kayleah, Starr, Emily Hamel, Kayla Gadd, Daniel Tang, Talia Litchtenberg, Shana Feltham, Melanie Martinsen, Tyler Jordan, Milleena Lefever, Kenua Fuentes, Katya Campos, Camille Collier, Kim Tran, Bo An, Kelsey Underwood, Zaina Zaidan, Anna Fernandez, Charlena Kea, Danni Burkhartzmeyer, Amiette Bakersville, Dylan Martins, and Anton Anikin.