How the government shutdown affects WLHS

Monday Sept. 30— President Obama addresses the government shutdown. For Washington D.C this is a big deal, but what real influence does it have on the students of West Linn?

Besides a shortage of school lunches starting at the end of October, and the closure of all National Parks and museums, the shutdown is a big deal for every American citizen.

Congress has a constitutional obligation to pass spending bills that fund our government. When Congress can’t come to an agreement every function in the government shuts down unless it is deemed a necessity. Because Congress could not come to a decision on ObamaCare before the end of the fiscal year on Oct. 1., they  had a constitutional obligation to shut down.

More than 3.3 million government employees are in the process of being furloughed according to reports from CNN. Government employees that are not essential will be asked to leave the workplace. Meanwhile no American citizen can apply for a passport or loan.  The government is expected to come to an agreement by Thursday.

For students at WLHS this means that many parents and guardians could be out of work, forcibly exempt from valuable paychecks that support entire families, while the president and members of congress are still paid.

Aside from valuable financial loses students with family members who are seriously ill could be turned away from hospitals because there is not enough recourses and staff to care for them.

In conclusion the government shutdown affects everyone in America including teenagers. It is important for average Americans to understand how the affects of congress decision affect them.

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