WLHS students have the chance to experience new cultures next Spring Break


La Sagrada Familia, a church in Barcelona, will be one of the sights students will see while in Spain. The trip to Spain and Italy will be led by Marc Zollinger, Spanish teacher, during the 2016 Spring Break.

Walking down the streets of Italy, looking directly at the Roman colosseum and seeing the Palacio Real up close could become a reality for West Linn High School students next Spring Break. Students will be in Europe for the entire break. Marc Zollinger, Spanish teacher, will be leading a trip to Spain and Italy during to 2016 Spring Break.

“We will be going to Spain first,” Zollinger said. “We will go to Madrid, Toledo, Zaragoza and Barcelona.” Students will go to the Plaza Mayor and the Palacio Real in Madrid and visiting museums along the way. Students will also be going to see La Sagrada Familia, a church that has been under construction for over 100 years, in Barcelona before they leave for Italy.

“We will be going on a boat from Barcelona to Italy,” Zollinger said. “We arrive in Civitavecchia and then will travel to Rome. We will be visiting the Roman Colosseum, the Roman Catacombs and Vatican City.”

Zollinger went on a school trip to Central America this past Spring Break, and he decided he wanted to lead a Europe trip next year.

“We went to Costa Rica this year and I wanted to go back to Spain. I lived in Spain for a year and absolutely love it there. The people are just great in Spain. I have never been to Italy and I hope the people there are as great as they are in Spain,” Zollinger said.

Zollinger is hoping the students will enjoy it as much as he does. “I think the students will enjoy the trip,” Zollinger said. “They definitely will be making new friends, they will be able to see some beautiful architecture, and will get some new perspectives.”

Zollinger is excited for the students that will be going on the trip because of the new experiences they will have from going on the trip. The trip will be over a 10 day period during the 2016 Spring Break.