A Bollywood Experience

Model United Nation’s Movie Night Preview


Aleks Brooks

Model UN’s informational poster, updating the school about what they do.

The Model United Nations Bollywood movie night is coming up but who really knows what’s going on? The Junior in charge of Bollywood movie night Carissa Russell gave me more information about Bollywood movie night and Model UN.

Q: What does Model United Nations do?

A:Model UN is a club who adopt countries, this year we adopted India and Cuba and we learn about their position on different topics and in April we go to the University of Oregon campus and meet with other high schools all around Oregon and try to fix problems.

Q:What will happen at Bollywood movie night?

A:There will be a Bollywood movie we are going to be teaching a Bollywood dance and we will be doing a small educational presentation so people will know a little bit more about Bollywood their dances and the food that they have.

Bollywood movie night will be a great experience for anyone interested in Bollywood Model UN or just looking to have a great time. Snacks will be for sale.