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Aleks Brooks

Aleks Brooks, WLHSnow Staff

 Between hanging out with his friends, playing basketball at a park on a sunny day and being a freshman on campus, Aleks Brooks, is loving the new-found independence.

 “High school is way better than middle school.” Brooks said. “There’s more freedom here. In middle school, you take the notes this way or you get a bad grade, but if I wanna take notes the way I wanna take notes, I can.”

     As a new student and a new journalist for WLHSnow, he’s excited to share his perspective with other students.

“I like writing essays and stuff and opinions and more relevant stuff for teenagers.”

    When he’s not at school loving his new classes, Brooks enjoys playing sports and getting outside.

“I play soccer on a Wilsonville co-ed team and grew up playing basketball.” Brooks said. “Sports are fun and they help you stay in shape. They’re kind of like the perfect thing.”

All content by Aleks Brooks
For his performance of Kevin Youngs Negative, Andre Best earned second place in last years Poetry Out Loud competition.

[Photo] The purpose behind the poems

Delaney Callaghan, People Editor
February 21, 2019

For his performance of Kevin Young's "Negative," Andre Best earned second place in last year's Poetry Out Loud competition.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

A feel good holiday movie with a message

Aleks Brooks, Opinion Section Editor
November 27, 2018

“Instant Family” a new comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne shines a light on a hauntingly real problem for some in America. It shows the faults of the foster care and adoption system and the...

The Candidates Speak: As the candidates for the state house, Julie Parrish (R) and Rachel Prusak (D) share their opening statements in hopes of winning over this highly contested district.

Democrats sweep Oregon races, win House, Republicans hold Senate

Wally Milner and Aleks Brooks
November 7, 2018

Editors note: Wally Milner volunteered with Rachel Prusak's campaign for State Representative. In Oregon Democrats emerged victorious and on a national level won the House of Representatives and the...

Photo by Aleks Brooks

World Series recap

Aleks Brooks, Opinion Section Editor
November 6, 2018

  Another year another World Series, with the Boston Red Sox emerging on top at the end of the MLB season.    The World Series started off with a bang with Boston scoring two runs in the first...

From UFC Press Packet

McGregor-Nurmagamedov recap

Aleks Brooks, Opinions Section Editor
October 23, 2018

In his first fight since his bought with Floyd Mayweather in last August, Conor McGregor fought Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229 This was also a very emotional fight for McGregor and Nurmagomedov due...

Missed the Emmys? We have you covered

Missed the Emmys? We have you covered

Aleks Brooks, Advertising Manager
September 21, 2018

It is that time of year again, and The Emmys are back with the awards for all of the most popular TV shows of 2017-2018. Not everyone has three hours to watch the whole event, so here is a list of some...

Courtesy of Showtime

A new show is pushing the standards for a hauntingly relevant comedy

Aleks Brooks, Opinions Editor
September 10, 2018

"Who Is America" is hilariously funny and frighteningly eye-opening. This show shows the ridiculousness of racism, sexism, prejudice and extreme liberalism and conservatism in our Nation. It shows...

Main character Deadpool, seen in screencap above, observes a piece of paper in new installment.

“Deadpool 2” brings back classic humor from the original and then some

Aleks Brooks, Advertising Manager
June 1, 2018

Recently released, “Deadpool 2” is exactly what you would expect from a Deadpool movie. Like the first, it's a entertaining, crude, and vulgar movie. It’s filled with with jokes that mirror the comedy...

Those who leave

Those who leave

Aleks Brooks, Advertising Manager
June 1, 2018

  Graduation for most happens in mid-June, but a small few students choose to graduate earlier than the rest. Jaden Goldschmidt graduated early this year. “I wanted to play competitive...

Courtesy Of Fox Broadcasting Company.

Has “The Simpsons” gone too far?

Aleks Brooks, Advertising Manager
May 22, 2018

In the past year there has been a discussion about “The Simpsons” and the stereotypical characters in the show. The country has been engaged in a discussion about whether the character Apu, a convenience...

Image courtesy of Apex Entertainment.

The dark side of American politics

Aleks Brooks, Advertising Manager
April 24, 2018

"Chappaquiddick" is a documentary film about the Chappaquiddick accident and how  Ted Kennedy attempted to cover up his role in the introduce this first accident and deceive the public regarding his involvement...

The United States Capitol building

An American Dilemma

Aleks Brooks, Advertising Manager
April 2, 2018

  Gun control is one of the most sensitive topics in America because of how complicated it is. Nobody wants to see what happened in Parkland or the countless other communities happen in their own....

Experience Poetry Out Loud

Aleks Brooks and Samuel Misa
February 27, 2018

Making an expensive splash, Andre Best recites "Negative" by Kevin Young. Best later placed second in the school's competition. Photo by Aleks Brooks.       Briana...

A cautionary tale

Sam Misa and Aleks Brooks
February 13, 2018

Several personal items were stolen on Jan. 30 during a Cross Country training session. The victims were members of the Cross Country team who left their belongings out in the Commons during winter training...

Model UNs informational poster, updating the school about what they do.

A Bollywood Experience

Aleks Brooks, WLHSnow Staff
January 9, 2018

The Model United Nations Bollywood movie night is coming up but who really knows what's going on? The Junior in charge of Bollywood movie night Carissa Russell gave me more information about Bollywood...

“The Last Jedi” requires history lesson

“The Last Jedi” requires history lesson

Aleks Brooks, WLHSnow Staff
December 14, 2017

  The plot of Star Wars movies are complicated and it can be intimidating to go see a movie without seeing the previous movie or forgetting the plot of the last movie, so I am going to give a quick...

An Hour of Code poster advertises the upcoming event.

Hour of Code

Aleks Brooks, WLHSnow Staff
December 5, 2017

Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science that simplifies coding and celebrates computer science.It takes place globally, from all the way in South Africa to Indonesia, and takes place during...

Sound of War. West Linn pep band fires up both the crowd and our mighty Lions. Photo by Aleks Brooks

[Photo] Homecoming Victory

Samuel Misa and Aleks Brooks
October 23, 2017

Sound of War. West Linn pep band fires up both the crowd and our mighty Lions. Photo by Aleks Brooks

The fight against social media

The fight against social media

Samuel Misa and Aleks Brooks
November 28, 2017

Social media is a huge part of being a high schooler today, but social media has its drawbacks. People are bullied every day, and a lot of it comes from interactions on social media So, what can a school...

An eye-opening experience

An eye-opening experience

Aleks Brooks, WLHSnow Staff
October 31, 2017

A new, controversial and shocking documentary about the Vietnam War is throwing the viewer into the harsh reality of war and how awful it is for all parties. “The Vietnam War” is available on PBS,...

Katherine Stallard

Aleks Brooks, Staff Reporter
September 18, 2017

Q:What Did You Over The  Summer? A: I didn't really have an eventful summer this year but it was really nice to chill out and hang out with my friends and im a senior this year so its kinda like...

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