Experience Poetry Out Loud

Enjoy the Event Through Photos.

Making an expensive splash, Andre Best recites “Negative” by Kevin Young. Best later placed second in the school’s competition. Photo by Aleks Brooks.



Recital of “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley from Caitlin McCabe during the 2018 session of poetry out loud. Photo by Aleks Brooks.


Briana Alexander performing “Dear Reader” by Rita Mae Reese. Photo by Sam Misa.

Delivery of “Difference” by Chris Dunstan. during the first round of Poetry Out Loud. Poem by Stephen Vincent Benet. Photo by Sam Misa.

Recital of I Go Back To May 1937 by Sharon  Olds from Anya Blankenship. Photo by Sam Misa.

Philip Chan recites “Very Large Moth” by Craig Arnold. Photo by Aleks Brooks