Aleks Brooks
 Between hanging out with his friends, playing basketball at a park on a sunny day and being a freshman on campus, Aleks Brooks, is loving the new-found independence.

 “High school is way better than middle school.” Brooks said. “There’s more freedom here. In middle school, you take the notes this way or you get a bad grade, but if I wanna take notes the way I wanna take notes, I can.”

     As a new student and a new journalist for WLHSnow, he’s excited to share his perspective with other students.

“I like writing essays and stuff and opinions and more relevant stuff for teenagers.”

    When he’s not at school loving his new classes, Brooks enjoys playing sports and getting outside.

“I play soccer on a Wilsonville co-ed team and grew up playing basketball.” Brooks said. “Sports are fun and they help you stay in shape. They’re kind of like the perfect thing.”

Aleks Brooks, WLHSnow Staff

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Aleks Brooks