A new show is pushing the standards for a hauntingly relevant comedy


Courtesy of Showtime

“Who Is America” is hilariously funny and frighteningly eye-opening. This show shows the ridiculousness of racism, sexism, prejudice and extreme liberalism and conservatism in our Nation.

It shows the extremes people will go to to seem cultured and trendy and relevant. It truly showcases the flaws in our culture while still being able to make us laugh, “Who is America?” shows the flaws of America and uses vulgar and crude humor to show what is brushed off to the side.

“Who Is America” also boasts an impressive list of celebrities and prominent figures who were featured in the show such as Bernie Sanders and OJ Simpson.

I would recommend Cohen’s work to anyone who enjoyed other Sacha Baron Cohen shows, anyone who would like to see the flaws of society through a comedic lens or anyone who would like to see a relevant yet entertaining comedy that has caused a large amount of controversy in the news.

“Who Is America” shows the decline of the standards in American culture in every episode, the show opens with inspirational moments throughout our country’s history then cuts to moments that truly show the decline of American culture.

This show does a great job of making you laugh, shows the stupidity of some aspects of American culture and has a real impact. A state representative has stepped down due to his performance on the show, Roy Moore is suing Cohen for deformation with damages of 95 million dollars.

“Who Is America” is truly an important show, it makes you laugh, question and think about your own culture and shows you the lengths politicians and other prominent figures will go to for publicity.