A cautionary tale

Several personal items were stolen on Jan. 30 during a Cross Country training session. The victims were members of the Cross Country team who left their belongings out in the Commons during winter training for the upcoming season.

Two suspects have been arrested. The stolen backpacks were later found in bushes around Camassia, and most of the items have been returned to their original owners. However, at the time of this publication, not all items have been recovered.

Money, keys and multiple phones and bags were stolen at 3:30 p.m. and the thieves returned at 4:30 p.m., according to Jeff Halverson, School Resource Officer.

“Cross country kids and a lot of students leave their backpacks and their bags unattended, and it’s just inviting someone to take them,” Halverson said. “So what happened on that day, was those cross country kids, again other kids, left their bags just sitting out there [the Commons] on the benches and on the tables. A couple people decided that it would be a good opportunity to go through those bags. Go through and take some things, and also just take some bags.”

One of the victims Avery Cook, junior, had his backpack stolen along with other essentials.

“I felt very inconvenienced because they took my [car] keys,” Cook said.

In the wake of these crimes, students have to remember to not leave bags and valuables unattended because there is a chance it will be taken.

Halverson discussed how students can prevent thefts around campus.

“Don’t leave your things unattended,” Halverson said. “Would you go to the mall and leave your backpack in the foodcourt, and then walk to another store and go shopping and expect your bag to be still be there? No you wouldn’t, and unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect that here, either.”