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“I’ve been interested in football since third grade, but my parents would insist I would get hurt.” Sam Misa, junior, said. “I’ve never had a serious long-term injury, but I get the wind knocked out of me all the time." Misa is hardworking and athletic. He plays football for the high school team after waiting since fifth grade, when he first started playing football. He’s almost always wanted to play football, and now he gets to play for a big team. He’s talented, and yet he goes to do track to improve his endurance and strength to be better for his football team. Although sports isn’t enough, he’s also very interested in the history aspect of school.

“I’ve always been interested because my dad liked to watch war movies and documentaries with me.” Misa said. “I learned a lot from those, and I was one of the top of my class from fourth through eighth grade in history.” After all the documentaries he watched with his dad, he became more and more interested in the major wars of the world. He would study the wars and know how they affected the world.

“I’ve also been interested in fighting the bad of the world, so naturally I’d want to be a part of the military.” Misa said. “Back in the war against Japan [WW2], my great-grandfather would do a lot of recon and gain intelligence of the enemy plans in the Philippines.”

After figuring out he was most intrigued by the wars, he became more interested in the military, particularly the Air Force. Sam wants to join the military after he gains his education, to follow in his great-grandfather’s footsteps. Although his grandfather didn’t serve for the Air Force, he did a lot of important work. Misa is excited to continue with his life, whether he plays for a team, or joins the military.

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