Missed the Emmys? We have you covered

Highlights from one of the biggest nights in entertainment

It is that time of year again, and The Emmys are back with the awards for all of the most popular TV shows of 2017-2018. Not everyone has three hours to watch the whole event, so here is a list of some of the most important and best moments of the night.

Before the show, Jennifer Lewis made a statement wearing a Nike “Just Do It” sweatshirt.

“I’m wearing Nike tonight to tell them how proud I am for them supporting Colin Kaepernick and his protest against police brutality and racial injustice,” Lewis said in a CNN interview.

The hosts for the night were Michael Che and Colin Jost, two experienced SNL hosts. The first memorable moment is the opening skit about how “We solved it”, which addresses diversity and many of the other problems in Hollywood.

The opening monologue is full of entertaining one liners, but Che and Jost do seem a little bit out of their element. But, regardless, it was very entertaining and guaranteed to make you laugh.

Amy Sherman had one of the best moments of the night taking home two consecutive Emmys. The first Emmy was for outstanding writing for a comedy series, and the other for outstanding directing for a comedy series.

Rachel Brosnahan who took home the outstanding lead actress presented her message of the importance of voting in a concise, professional and respectful way.

Betty White, legendary actress gave a speech talking about her acting career, the acting business, and women in acting and cracked a few jokes. It truly was a feel-good speech that ended in a standing ovation.

Glenn Weiss, who won the outstanding directing for variety Emmy gave a heartwarming speech about his mother who passed away recently. He spoke of things she taught him. He capped this beautiful speech off with a proposal to his girlfriend, who said yes, creating one of the most if not the most memorable moments of the night.

 A memorial short video was presented for all of the entertainers lost this year, which was very well made and a great way to celebrate them.

      Another short video was shown which showed the progression and highlights of The Emmys over the years which was very interesting to watch.

This year’s Emmys did not disappoint and will entertain you for the full three hours.