World Series recap

another year another world series

Photo by Aleks Brooks

Photo by Aleks Brooks


Another year another World Series, with the Boston Red Sox emerging on top at the end of the MLB season.   

The World Series started off with a bang with Boston scoring two runs in the first inning and the Red Sox and Dodgers trading runs for most of the game, with Boston leading for most of the game ad the Red Sox winning the game 1 8-4

Game 2 started with the Red Sox taking a lead in the 2nd before losing then regaining it in the fifth.

Game 3 was a historic game it was the longest postseason game ever by time, lasting 7 hours and 20 minutes with 18 innings and the Dodgers winning their first game of the world series. The game ended at 12:20 am PST and 3:20 am EST and will be a game that will be remembered for a long time.

Game 4 started off slow but finally picked up in the bottom of the 6th with the Dodgers scoring 4 runs and the Red Sox making a late comeback winning 9-6.

The final game was a victory for the Red Sox with the only run for the Dodgers being scored in the first and the Red Sox winning 5-1, securing the championship.

The Willie Mays World Series MVP is Steve Pearce and his performance was crucial for the Red Sox victory.