Hour of Code


Aleks Brooks

An Hour of Code poster advertises the upcoming event.

Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science that simplifies coding and celebrates computer science.It takes place globally, from all the way in South Africa to Indonesia, and takes place during Computer Science Education Week. This year it will be in the library Dec. 6 during academic time.

“If you come to the library during academic time this Wednesday, there’ll be stations for learning computer science like a robot maze and taking apart a computer,” Audrey Chun, AP computer science student, said.

Along with these stations, students will be able to do everything from exploring the internals of a computer to understanding a simpler version of coding called block coding. For more experienced coders, there will be stations for writing actual code.

“Some stations will have tournaments and prizes for the participants and winners,” Chun said. “The robotics team will also be there.”

If you would like to learn more about Hour of Code, contact  Mr. Lothamer, Mr. George or Mr. Manes.