A feel good holiday movie with a message

“Instant Family” Is Bringing One of Americas Most Important Problems To The Spotlight


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

“Instant Family” a new comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne shines a light on a hauntingly real problem for some in America. It shows the faults of the foster care and adoption system and the problems those who are in the system face. “Instant Family” is about a couple who chooses to adopt three kids because they want to start a new chapter in life. The movie follows them and their struggles and successes while attempting to raise adopted children.

“Instant Family” makes the viewer smile and laugh all while showing the problems some in America face all while giving positive messages of family and the the importance of good parents to the viewer.

Leads Whalberg and Byrne do an exceptional job of making the viewer feel the struggle the duo faces when they choose to adopt which at some times makes you feel empathetic to them and sometimes makes you laugh.

Isabela Moner, Gustavo Quiroz and Julianna Gamiz all do a great job playing their roles as Wahlberg and Byrne’s kids making the chaos in the movie feel real hitting home the empathy you feel at some times and the humor you feel at other times.

Instant family is a feel good comedy with a serious underlying message, it makes you feel good while showing the problems those in the foster system face such as problems at home and problems in their new homes.

Instant Family doesn’t disappoint in the comedy field making the viewer laugh with a variety of jokes and it also doesn’t disappoint story wise, with a gratifying and feel-good plot that was surprisingly enjoyable.

I would recommend Instant family for anyone looking for a funny, feel-good holiday season movie that is filled with a positive message and an important reminder about the struggles of some.