What SafeOregon is and what they do

SafeOregon is an Oregon-based tip line launched in 2016 directed toward middle to high school level students. Its main purpose is for students to be able to report bullying, harassment, drug use and anything else to a user or somebody they know. The tips are sent to real people who work around the clock, and there is always somebody ready at the line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their consultants are able to contact the local school district with the information provided, and if needed, local law enforcement.

“This school year, we have received an average of 250 tips per month,” Dominique Millette, SafeOregon program analyst, stated.

Even with this level of support, it seems like some students are still a little too shy to use the tipline.

“I would use it I guess, but I’m too scared they’re going to tell my parents or start some dumb drama I don’t want to deal with,” Kathy Jordan, sophomore, said.

Luckily however, SafeOregon can be used anonymously. You can choose to be fully private, and SafeOregon won’t know who you are. No tracking, no ID and no worries. Just help for you and your peers.

Are these the people we should be trusting, however?

“I just don’t know if i trust them, especially with like, secret stuff. Will they even try to solve whatever’s going on? I feel like they’re just old weirdos at desk,” Lillian Wetzel, sophomore, said

“I have a Master’s degree-level education and have worked with students for over 20 years,” Millette said. “Our Tip Line Technicians hold a Bachelor’s Degree or Masters in social work, healthcare or a related field, or are within two semesters of obtaining the degree and have a minimum of two years of prior work in healthcare and/or social work. Most importantly, we all care about students and their safety.”

They definitely have the resources available for our students. Their numbers show as well. In a document released by SafeOregon, it shows they have taken over 1400 tips from nearly a thousands schools, helping to serve over 480,000 students.