Student musicians selected for All-State


Photo courtesy of Beth Landsem

A display of some of the sheet music used in the All-State auditions for clarinets.

This year, in substitute for in-person auditions and competitions, the Oregon Music Educators Association held virtual All-State auditions for band, choir and orchestra. Auditions, which were sent digitally to professionals around the state, were critiqued and evaluated to determine potential placement in an All-State Honor group: an ensemble of musicians who will perform together at the virtual event Jan. 15-16 in Eugene.

Generally, each audition piece requires upwards of 30 hours of practice time, with little help and guidance from any staff members, and consists of three-four high-demanding, advanced performances that encompass a variety of technical playing skills. All auditions were completely blind, meaning that the adjudicator’s only way of identifying the musician was through their predetermined audition code, so bias and any previous experiences with a student were not a factor in selections. 

As said in a staff email from Kevin Eagn, band teacher, “These [auditions] are a true testament to the persistence and dedication of WLHS students.”

Below is a compilation of the students selected for the 2020 All-State competition:

Selected to the All-State Symphonic Band:

Leanne Beltman, JR, Flute

Hannah Goodman, SR, Flute

Maggie Herman, JR, Clarinet

Casey Jacklyn, SR, Clarinet

Bryce Lambert, SR, Clarinet

Beth Landsem, SR, Clarinet

Johnny Li, SR, Tenor Saxophone

Ayla Murphy, JR, Oboe

Octavio Partida, SR, Clarinet

Kensan Putra, SR, Clarinet

Adrian Reyes, SR, Trombone

Bar Rozenhaimer, JR, Clarinet

Nate Rumsey, SR, Trumpet

Koharu Sakiyama, JR, Alto Saxophone

Evan Schleef, SR, Tenor Saxophone

Gabe Wenig, SO, Trumpet

Josh Willson, SR, Flute


Selected to the All-State Wind Ensemble:

Dina-Rosa Biggs, SO, Clarinet

Anna Capps, JR, Flute

Logan Hines, JR, Euphonium

Reese Hunsaker, SO, Contra-Bassoon

Gregory McCoy, SR, Trombone

India Roane, SO, Bassoon

Katie Rumsey, SO, French Horn


Selected to the All-State Orchestra:

David Buttson, SO, Tuba

Rhea Grover, SR, Viola

Melinda Lin, SO, Violin

Micah Scothorn, SR, Trombone

Sophia Wang, SO, Violin


Selected on TWO different instruments (it’s like being selected for All-State Offense and Defense):

Robert Bomar, JR

Tuba in the All-State Symphonic Band

Trombone in the All-State Orchestra


Selected to TWO different ensembles (each requiring a unique audition):

Parker Jamison, JR, Trumpet