SSO: Who is your favorite team in this march madness


This year is the 53rd year of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball tournament, also known as March Madness. With over 60 teams in the tournament, people have many different opinions on who they think will win or who they want to win. Here’s what some Lions said:




“I think Kentucky will win,” Colin Clarke, freshman.





“I’m going to go with Kentucky,” Benjamin Baldwin, freshman.





“I always have to go for my alma mater, so I have to say Tennessee,” Amy Schauer, ISEF Coordinator.






“I say Michigan State. Go Spartans!” Brandt Henri, sophomore.







“Not Syracuse. I would want Stanford if they were in the tournament,” Karter Ferrin, sophomore.








“I think Kentucky will win, since they’re favored,” Ashley Johnson, sophomore.







“The only team I know is Gonzaga, so I’ll go with that,” Tony Benedetti, substitute teacher.







“I have Baylor and Kansas – I don’t think that’s going to work out that well,” Samuel Hays, junior.







“I want Syracuse to win,” Alec Gans, junior.






“I wanted Wichita, but they’re out now,” Mersen Howes, senior.