It’s there for a reason: fasten your seatbelts

Teenagers should be more weary about buckling seatbelts


photo via flickr

Thousands of people die every year in car crashes because they didn’t fasten their seatbelts. Buckle up because it is not only the law, but because it ensures your safety.

You’re on a road trip with your friends. You are about to head down a dusty and dry highway and want to feel a bit more free-spirited. Rolling down your window all the way, you feel  the powerful and refreshing breeze. You let your hair down and let it whip in the wind. Then you make one caustic mistake. You undo your seat belt. So? All you wanted to do was get in a more comfortable position.

Unfortunately, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention(CAD), more than 21 thousand people made the same mistake in 2014 and as a result, died. These people could’ve been just late to work, or late to school, or even just wanting to relax on a road trip, but because they did not use the one of the few safety equipment available to them in a vehicle, they suffered horrific consequences.

As with all disasters and accidents, there’s a temptation to think, ‘That won’t happen to me’ but that excuse doesn’t work when there’s a drunk driver on the road. According to CAD, 59 percent of teenagers who died from car accidents died because they were unrestrained.  Despite the numerous amount of ads and campaigns that stress how important seat belts are, and how they lower the risk of mortality by 50 percent, not enough people seem to be taking it seriously! Seat belts have never increased the risk of mortality, they are there to keep you safe. Use it!

Remember, you are loved one to someone. And someone is a loved one to you. Don’t increase the risk of losing them and losing your life for comfort or tardiness. Safety and health should always remain your first priority.