Ji Hyun An
A curious Ji Hyun An, senior, had her eyes opened to a brand new world, the world of journalism, and it all began with her father.

“My dad was featured on the news a lot for his books and teachings on law,” An said. Seeing her father on the news exposed her to, and sparked her interest in journalism, however, her reason for becoming an editor is due to it’s importance in the modern era.

“Since the press is really becoming a stronger power in context of politics and therefore the laws of the US, it's become more and more important," An said. "And I want to be involved in that. Plus, it's so easy to take part in. There are so many ways." 

An has been a member of journalism all four years of high school.

“It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I'm still glad to be [in journalism] because we've been improving since the day I joined,” An said. She could definitely have a future in journalism, but isn’t positive if that’s what she wants to pursue.

“I am not really sure [what I want to do in the future]  But I am definitely planning on going to college,” An said.

In her free time, An likes to sing, but is often swamped with homework.

“There is always work to do. It never stops,” An said. Part of her workload outside of school comes from ISEF, which is an international science fair.  

“My ISEF project from last year and the year before was about proving how probiotics could decrease the risk for Coronary Heart disease," An said. "ISEF is my favorite extracurricular because I get to be directly part of something that is bigger than me and there is something really empowering about doing something like that." 

Along with ISEF, An also enjoys swimming. She started swimming her freshman year, and is on the varsity team. An has been influenced by many people through all of the activities she has participated in.

“I think everyone's worthy of being my role model. There are at least five things I could learn from any person,” An said.

Ji Hyun An, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Ji Hyun An