Thespians break a leg at Regionals

Actors, actresses and singers of all grades compete at the Regional Northeast Acting Competition.

After practicing their skits and songs, over 20 Thespians marched over to Rex Putnam High School in Hillsboro on Feb. 3 to compete for the Regional Acting Competition. Riley Knowles, Deanna Plunkett, Laurel Sleeper, Linda Snyder and Ellen Willmarth, all seniors, played out a scene from the play “The Heidi Chronicles”. They chose the scene because of the meaningful message behind the scene.

“Deanna had read the play and picked up the scene and talked about it with everyone involved,” Snyder said. “We all read it and really really enjoyed its message so we all decided to do it.”

The five seniors had their parts picked out for them by Steven Beckingham, drama teacher and director, and practiced the scene for over three weeks.

“Our director chose for us, but we all had a say,” Snyder said. “It just so happened that we loved the parts that were picked for us and we’re happy to play them.”

Matthew Lewis, junior also competed at the Regional Acting Competition with a duet from the musical, “Young Frankenstein” with Nicholas Bergerson, junior. Although Lewis qualified regionally, he didn’t qualify statewide.

“So I qualified but I didn’t make it to state,” Lewis said. “Those who won state ribbons go on and compete at the state competition.”

Thespians who qualified for the state competition will compete again at the State Acting Competition in early April. Qualified thespians include the five seniors mentioned earlier and Audrey Lipsey, freshman in the Solo Musical category.