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Ji Hyun An

Ji Hyun An, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A curious Ji Hyun An, senior, had her eyes opened to a brand new world, the world of journalism, and it all began with her father.

“My dad was featured on the news a lot for his books and teachings on law,” An said. Seeing her father on the news exposed her to, and sparked her interest in journalism, however, her reason for becoming an editor is due to it’s importance in the modern era.

“Since the press is really becoming a stronger power in context of politics and therefore the laws of the US, it's become more and more important," An said. "And I want to be involved in that. Plus, it's so easy to take part in. There are so many ways." 

An has been a member of journalism all four years of high school.

“It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride, but I'm still glad to be [in journalism] because we've been improving since the day I joined,” An said. She could definitely have a future in journalism, but isn’t positive if that’s what she wants to pursue.

“I am not really sure [what I want to do in the future]  But I am definitely planning on going to college,” An said.

In her free time, An likes to sing, but is often swamped with homework.

“There is always work to do. It never stops,” An said. Part of her workload outside of school comes from ISEF, which is an international science fair.  

“My ISEF project from last year and the year before was about proving how probiotics could decrease the risk for Coronary Heart disease," An said. "ISEF is my favorite extracurricular because I get to be directly part of something that is bigger than me and there is something really empowering about doing something like that." 

Along with ISEF, An also enjoys swimming. She started swimming her freshman year, and is on the varsity team. An has been influenced by many people through all of the activities she has participated in.

“I think everyone's worthy of being my role model. There are at least five things I could learn from any person,” An said.

All content by Ji Hyun An
Lila, in the front, and Leo, in the back, were adopted to become comfort bunnies for WLHS. Most days, they are at school being loved and petted, but on others, they visit homes and therapy centers.

They won’t bite

Ji Hyun An, Co-Editor-in-Chief
April 16, 2018

Crowding around a blue, plastic container, high schoolers were surprised to find a small, brown and white bunny, Leo, on March 9. Leo debuted as WLHS’s first therapy pet and was later joined by a gray...

Lilly Burnett, vice president and senior of the Red Cross club, has donated for three years. 
I just like helping people, Burnett said.

Blood isn’t thicker than water

Ji Hyun An, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 10, 2018

The BTS fanbase, Army, have helped them make it big in the U.S by helping them win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards

Beyond the Scene

Ji Hyun An, Co-editor-in-chief
January 29, 2018

Overtaking YouTube views, music awards and teenage hearts, is the Korean pop band, Beyond the Scene (BTS). They recently reached new heights as international artists by winning “Top Social Artist”...

Officer Halverson, School Resource Officer, participates in Friday Karaoke. He sang Sweet Caroline because he knew everybody could enjoy it. 
The students joining in, that was my favorite part, Halverson said.

You’re under a rest

Ji Hyun An, Co-Editor-in-Chief
November 9, 2017

The iPhone 8’s new camera effect, stage light mono, attempts to work on Annika Previs, senior, in a well-lit background. Unfortunately, it does not execute the effect consistently. Other than the new glass back that is less durable than the former aluminium covering, the iPhone 8 might not be worth its price.

Is the iPhone 8 really just an iPhone 7s?

Ji Hyun An, Co-Editor-in-Chief
October 9, 2017

Apple is back at it again with the new iPhones. What? iPhones? Plural? Yes, the multinational technology company released the highly anticipated iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and the iPhone X on its 10 anniversary,...

The group, Fadd9, focuses on performing punk rock music. Fadd9 formed in Jan. 2015. 
From left to right: Bryce Cumpston, junior, Beck Cheevers, 2016 graduate, Gabe Armattoe, junior and Rory Cheevers, sophomore.

Fad now? More like Fadd9

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Editor
May 19, 2017

Drawn to the “DIY aspect” of punk rock, Bryce Cumptson, junior and Rory Cheevers, sophomore, formed a band of the genre as sophomores in Jan. 2015. “It started out just me and Rory Cheevers,”...

The WLHSnow LIVE broadcast team sets up to film May Day. We usually do this for May Day, Emily Martin, junior and WLHSnow LIVE editor-in-chief, said. Throughout the gym, we have three main stations set up.

[Photo] Under the bleachers and through the wires

May 2, 2017

The WLHSnow LIVE broadcast team sets up to film May Day. "We usually do this for May Day," Emily Martin, junior and WLHSnow LIVE editor-in-chief, said. "Throughout the gym, we have three main stations...

“From Up on Poppy Hill” is a movie about a high school girl who falls in love with a newspaper club president, only to find out they could be siblings. Goro Miyazaki’s animation is not up to par with Hayao Miyazaki’s animation but has its own charm.

Like Hayao, like Goro

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Editor
May 3, 2017

Following your father’s footsteps is generally a hard task to do. But if your father is the most successful film-maker of the mecca of animation, Japan,--well, let’s just say it’s a lot harder. However,...

Fire breaks out in girls locker room

Fire breaks out in girls’ locker room

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Manager
April 3, 2017

Firefighters in oxygen masks arrive near the girls' locker room this morning to address a fire. The fire started in one of the girls' lockers and began burning the items, like towels, in it. "The...

Thousands of people die every year in car crashes because they didn’t fasten their seatbelts. Buckle up because it is not only the law, but because it ensures your safety.

It’s there for a reason: fasten your seatbelts

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Manager
March 13, 2017

You’re on a road trip with your friends. You are about to head down a dusty and dry highway and want to feel a bit more free-spirited. Rolling down your window all the way, you feel  the powerful and...

Thespians break a leg at Regionals

Ji Hyun An
February 13, 2017

After practicing their skits and songs, over 20 Thespians marched over to Rex Putnam High School in Hillsboro on Feb. 3 to compete for the Regional Acting Competition. Riley Knowles, Deanna Plunkett, Laurel...

Anna Spear, junior readies herself for her Calculus AB final by reviewing the reviews. Completing and reviewing finals are just one of the ways to prepare for semester exams.

Finals only seem impossible until they are done

Ji Hyun An
February 1, 2017

All high school students face it. Finals week. In most cases, it is a time of pain, anxiety and tears. You have exams to cram for, papers to write and presentations to give--all of which might determine...

Photo from Pexels

Is anybody listening?

Ji Hyun An
January 19, 2017

Imagine. You’re walking down the street, going home after a long day of school. Nothing could make this tiring and boring walk better than plugging in your earbuds and listening to your favorite song,...

Students travel to Eugene to participate in University of Oregon’s Fall Press Day. WLHSNow’s Amplifier editors share two Best of Show awards for both online and print newspapers.

Stealing the show

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Editor
November 16, 2016

For journalism inspiration, students visited the University of Ore. Nov. 2 for Fall Press Day. They listened to professors and notable keynote speakers about how to improve their yearbook or newspaper,...

Democratic candidate, Kate Brown is elected to be the Ore. governor. Brown is not only the first elected LGBT governor but also the second female Ore. governor. 
Photo by Josh Goldberg

Diversity among the elections

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Editor
November 9, 2016

Elections this year gave many possible firsts for the United States. One of them being the first LGBT governor being elected. Kate Brown, Democratic Ore. governor, became the first LGBT candidate to win...

To prepare decorations for class porches and spirit week, ASB and the sixth period leadership class work together.  School spirit events like these are carefully planned by ASB to help make students’ high school more exciting.

The sky’s the limit

Ji Hyun An
October 17, 2016

In the past, ASB has planned proms, dances and spirit weeks but this year, ASB intends to plan events that will focus on celebrating diversity and impacting the whole community. “I feel like ASB’s...

Blood donors at the Red Cross Blood drive are required to go through a health check up before donating blood. Luukas Lemetyinen, junior has donated blood for three years and although he was nervous the first time he donated blood, he is used to it now.  
“I was a little nervous when I did it the first time,” Lemetyinen said. “But it didn’t hurt.”

Students save lives through blood, sweat and tubes

Ji Hyun An, Head Print Editor
October 7, 2016


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