Stealing the show

Students travel to Eugene for University of Oregon’s Fall Press Day.


Students travel to Eugene to participate in University of Oregon’s Fall Press Day. WLHSNow’s Amplifier editors share two Best of Show awards for both online and print newspapers.

For journalism inspiration, students visited the University of Ore. Nov. 2 for Fall Press Day. They listened to professors and notable keynote speakers about how to improve their yearbook or newspaper, and even how to use the internet safely.

“It’s always nice to hear suggestions from people you don’t work with everyday,” Brooke McKelvey, people editor, said.

Select students participated in various write-offs. For the write-offs, they were required to interview the keynote speaker or read a packet regarding a certain issue, and write an article based on those either pieces of information. Two students were recognized for their writing at the awards ceremony. Parker Edwards: broadcast journalist, won second place in the sports write-offs, and Rameen Ali, yearbook editor-in-chief, won first place in the same category.

“It was a really cool experience,” Edwards said. “I’m honored to lose against Rameen.”

On top of those awards, WLHSNow’s online newspaper, print edition and yearbook all won Best of Show.

“I’m really proud of our staff and I’ve seen the hard work behind the scenes,” Zoe Craig, editor-in-chief, said. “I’m just really glad our staff was recognized this way.”