Fire breaks out in girls’ locker room


Firefighters in oxygen masks arrive near the girls’ locker room this morning to address a fire. The fire started in one of the girls’ lockers and began burning the items, like towels, in it.

“The firefighters are just extinguishing the smoke out of the building,” Kevin Mills, principal, said.

Some students with possessions inside the locker room however, worry about the condition of their belongings.

“I have my wallet and car keys in there, so I’m kind of worried about that,” Isabell Forster, sophomore, said. “But all of it is replaceable.”

As a result of the fire being minor, school will resume.

“We’ll clear the fire out soon, so you guys will probably be having school today,” Chad Hashberger, firefighter, said.

Update: Mills announces over the stadium PA at 11:20 A.M that school has been cancelled for the remainder of the day due to the smoke spreading to the rest of the building. This may or may not affect the number of make up days.