Fad now? More like Fadd9

Musicians combine their talents to form a punk rock band


Courtesy of Fadd9

The group, Fadd9, focuses on performing punk rock music. Fadd9 formed in Jan. 2015. From left to right: Bryce Cumpston, junior, Beck Cheevers, 2016 graduate, Gabe Armattoe, junior and Rory Cheevers, sophomore.

Drawn to the “DIY aspect” of punk rock, Bryce Cumptson, junior and Rory Cheevers, sophomore, formed a band of the genre as sophomores in Jan. 2015.

“It started out just me and Rory Cheevers,” Cumpston said. “I played drums and around that time he started picking up the guitar.”

Down the road, the duo turned into a quartet after Gabe Armattoe, junior and Beck Cheevers, 2016 graduate joined. Beck became the singer and rhythm guitarist and Armattoe took on the bass guitar position. The name of the band, Fadd9, was inspired by a guitar chord.  

“It’s our favorite chord from an opening of a Hard Days Night,” Armattoe said.

So far, the band has performed at the Youth Music Project facility as well as various other open mics. As for their demos and originals, they record them and upload them onto SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform that allows the users to promote originals, under their band name. As of now, they have five pieces uploaded.

Fadd9 will play together even after high school.

“We’re planning on continuing after high school,” Armattoe said. “Since we’re all going to go to a community college for at least two years.”

For now, their only goal is to enjoy the time together and have fun creating music.