Future Duck out with shoulder injury


A third degree separation of his right Acromioclavicular (AC) joint will keep Evan Voeller, senior, on the sidelines for at least four weeks. The injury will not prevent Voeller from attending University of Oregon on a football scholarship. At 6-feet-4 inches, 285 pounds, Voeller is the 179th ranked high school senior recruit in the nation according to ESPN.com and the second highest ranked player in Oregon.

As left tackle on the offensive line, Voeller made Varsity as a freshman and has started since his sophomore year. If able, Voeller will play in the Under Armour All-America game in January 2013. The Under Armour Bowl selects 90 of the top-ranked high school football players in the nation. Voeller is the second player ever selected from the state of Oregon to compete in the game.

“It’s definitely an honor to play in the game and to get to compete against other top players. I’m very excited,” Voeller said.

During a recent game against Barlow High School, Voeller was tripped and fell on his right shoulder with all of his weight. Surgery is a possibility after the season if the pain persists. If necessary, the surgery would prevent Voeller from playing until possibly August 2013. Ellis Eaton, junior, is starting in Voeller’s place.

Currently, Voeller is attending physical therapy sessions to keep his range of motion and prevent his shoulder from stiffening. Unable to participate in practices, Voeller has been helping and trying to coach.

Twelve major schools, including Washington, Nebraska, Texas A&M and Boise State offered Voeller scholarships, but family ties helped guide Voeller to Oregon. His brother played football at UofO for two years and his aunt also played softball.

“It is nice being committed and not having to worry about my injury preventing me from going where I want to go,” Voeller said. The recruiting process was relatively quick, and yes, the Oregon locker rooms are really as great as described on television according to Voeller.

Before heading off to college, Voeller and the West Linn football team have a few games remaining on the schedule. This year, the team is made up of mainly juniors.

“This year we will hopefully be pretty good, but next year we will be really good,” Voeller said.  “Getting a chance to play in high school again would be great.” With the playoffs coming up, Voeller hopes to return and get another chance to play as a Lion before heading off to the Under Armour Bowl and UofO.