Haye’s in high spirits for hockey

Skating down the ice in full hockey gear at the Winterhawks Skating Center, Nicole Haye, sophomores’, main focus is to maneuver her way through opposing players and score for her team. Haye was eight years old when she first stepped onto the ice, and fell in love with hockey.

“I loved being on the ice, but I hated figure skating,” Haye said. “I did this for only a few months. I always thought hockey skates were more fun to skate in than figure skates.”

Since the hockey season began, Haye has formed a positive outlook about her teams’ ability to play.

“I play defense, and I have most of my life,” Haye said. “Our team this year is pretty good so far considering the year just began, but it consists of most of the guys from last year, at least for the high school league,” Haye said.

“I’ve played on a mostly guys team throughout my entire year except for one season. I personally like it better because there is less girl drama. The competition is more fun and the speed is faster.”

Being on the ice with boys was a natural for Haye as her two older brothers also played ice hockey. “One is 19 and one is 22 years old. They inspired me to be awesome. I’ve always looked up to them and I am proud to be their sister.”

“With them as inspiration, Haye hopes to go as far as possible pursuing hockey, at least to level three in college. She would love to earn a scholarship.

Though Haye still has an education to focus on, she balances both in order to put everything she can into her love for hockey.

“I hope this is a sport I can do for a long time,” Haye said. “It’s the thing I love to do most, and it helps me escape all the pressures of school.”