Grace Fritsch

Grace Fritsch, Yearbook Staff

Grace Fritsch, 11 is very excited for new opportunities this year. She decided on doing yearbook mainly so she could use her photography in a way that's helpful to the school and to be able to show others her work. “I want to be a part of something that brings people together.”

Outside of yearbook, Fritsch really enjoys riding horses and taking pictures. She loves horses because she has grown up around them, “It’s like a team; you’re a team with your horses.” Fritsch has three horses that she keeps in a stable at her house. One of her biggest accomplishments is getting a Triple Medallion in 4H. 4H is an organization where you can show off and learn about your animal, and in Fritsch’s case it’s her horse. “I love the way my 4H group is like a family.”

Though she loves her horses, her true passion is photography. “Every photograph you take is going to touch someone in some way.”  Fritsch likes photography because she loves capturing people's emotion. “I want my photos to touch people's lives personally.”  She hopes to utilize photography throughout yearbook.

One thing you’d never guess about her is she has an identical twin sister, Kate. They sometimes fight, like most siblings do, but Grace says, “I really do love having a twin.” Kate and Grace constantly get mixed up at school by friends, peers and even teachers. “I love my sister Kate even when we have to deal with people constantly messing up our names,” said Grace.  

Once Fritsch is out of highschool she plans to go into the air force. She says “I love the idea of fighting for my country.” Her grandfather built planes for Boeing before and after WW2 which definitely influenced Fritsch in her decision-making process. Fritsch said, “He showed me my love for the air force.” After the air force she hopes to continue studies in her passions at a university.

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Grace Fritsch