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Noah Clark, Yearbook Business Manager

“I am really interested in film and movies, there is just something about it.” Noah Clark, 12 said.  Glenn Krake, Journalism Adviser dropped everything he was doing, spun his chair around, put his hand under his chin and asked “ What do you like about film? The themes? Making it?” Clark replied, “No Krake, I am not going to join broadcasting.”

Clark changed his mind, and joined broadcasting a week later. “I wanted to join broadcasting because I realize I've been at this school for four years and I don’t have any connection to the school.” He says, “I love the idea of using a camera to project what’s really going on.” In broadcasting, they broadcast the WLHS sports and performances live for the families at home. Clark’s main job was as a videographer. “My favorite part of setting up before a game is trying to piss off Zach [Steinberg, 12]. In the mic we make bad imitations of actors, like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Clark has a huge interest in film, he started to get really interested freshman year. “I went to the movie theater several times in one weekend. I kept up with movies like how people kept up with sports.” He saw all the oscar nominees and saw all the ‘best picture’ nominees as well. Clark has done this every year since. “My favorite movie theater is Regal Fox Tower, it's in the middle of downtown. You have to take the elevator to get there.” Clark said, “I found it in 2013, when I wanted to watch a movie called 12 Years A Slave, it was very limited release, so a lot of movie theaters didn't have it showing. Regal Fox Tower plays a lot of independent films, and a lot of ‘limited release’ films. I just love going there. I love the staff there, and they all know me. ” Clark spends most of his weekends watching films and writes movie reviews in his free time.

This summer Clarke traveled quite a bit, he went to France, then North Dakota, and he went to a yearbook camp in Salem; but the most memorable trip this summer was Clark’s trip to Africa. Clark and his family stayed in Kenya, in a camp called Samburu. “I think something that stuck with me is that all the children had 100 flies around them, super unhealthy and have infections, but they’re all so cheerful, I can’t get their smiles out of my mind.” Clark said. “We stayed in these tents, you know, the kind where you have to go get the hot water and pour it on yourself if you want to shower.” Clark said. “My mom was super into it, she wants to join the peace corps and help out these villages.” Clark and his family went on several safaris and saw a lot of wildlife. “Honestly, it was a memorable trip.”

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Noah Clark