Taylor Braswell

Taylor Braswell, Yearbook Staff

Taylor Braswell, 11 fiddles with the sleeves on her sweater, pulling them up and down as the sweater is too big for her. Braswell said, “Silver Falls was breathtaking. As much complaining as I did that day, the view of the waterfall took care of it all.” As the story went  on she explains how Amanda (Braswell’s older sister) tried to go under the railing of the trail to get a “good shot” of the waterfall. It probably wasn’t the smartest decision, as she almost fell off the edge. Braswell enjoys hiking and adventure.  She was born in San Mateo, California and moved to Oregon when she was about four years old.

When Braswell isn’t in school or hiking, she likes to spend time with her friends and go snowboarding. She loves watching sunsets, the color purple and eating mac ‘n cheese. Braswell's biggest pet peeve is when people have really loud laughs and she hates being ignored. She hates feet and gross looking bugs. She loves giraffes and moose because of how awkward they are. The reason she chose to take yearbook was because she thought it was going to be interesting,  to get to know new people and to just have a fun class.

“My biggest accomplishment or my best moment was probably when I looked at my final grades last year and I found out I received an A in Chemistry, which was my hardest class at that time,” said Braswell.

The reason she chose to take yearbook was because she thought it was going to be interesting. When asked what made her decide to take yearbook Braswell quickly answered with “I really like getting to meet new people and this class is the perfect way to do it.”

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Taylor Braswell