Bayler Brundage
On a hot summer day, freshman Bayler Brundage is out playing golf with her friends.

In sixth grade, Brundage had to move across the country from Atlanta Georgia and start over in West Linn, Oregon.

“I wanted to try something new and my dad always wanted me to take a few golf lessons.” Brundage said.

Brundage began golf in seventh grade and loved it ever since. She is always out on the course and looking for ways to get better. She is trying out for the West Linn Women’s Golf Team in the spring.

Brundage also loves to play golf with her family: her twin brother, older brother, mom and dad.

“We are always talking and having fun, Brundage said.

This school year, Brundage wanted to start journalism and bring her love for writing. She wants to learn more about the world and cover sports.

“I think my ability to work hard and focus on what is important will help me in journalism like it does in golf,” Brundage said.

She is interested in becoming a sports journalist and inspiring others.

“I want to inspire other students of West Linn and inform people on the problems of today.”

Bayler Brundage, Staff reporter

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Bayler Brundage