Anxiety and stress caused by tests

During school, tests are one of the main causes of stress and anxiety. According the American Test Anxiety Association, about 20 percent of students suffer from anxiety from tests.

In high school, I have about four tests per week. When thinking about a test I begin stressing about all the things that could go wrong and what’s going to be on the test.

In each class, teachers think it’s helpful to take a test or quiz every couple days. These tests or quizzes only make me stress more about knowing the content and getting a good grade in the class.

According to The Washington Post, in 2014-15, students in urban districts took tests more than 6,750 times.

If teachers were simply to cut down on giving large tests as often I feel stress and anxiety wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Today, anxiety and stress lead to many dangerous situations. If students spent more time learning content and going over it, rather than taking tests so often, anxiety and stress percentages would go down.

Every student goes through studying for a test and not feeling ready because they weren’t fully prepared and are worried they don’t know enough.

This causes students to stress and not do well on tests and in school all around.

For teachers, tests are ways to make sure students understand the content and are paying attention. Although, this may be helpful to teachers, there may be students who don’t understand and are struggling to keep up.

If teachers had things like tutoring sessions or practice tests it would help students know what to look for on the test and to know what to study.

This would help students study and not stress so much on the content of the test and look for help if they really need it.

Showing teachers that having tests less often and instead more studying hours and practice will help students’ well being and overall improve grades.