Emily Ebsen
Freshman year can be intimidating time: being mixed in with students who are legal adults and about twice your size, having six class periods with a minimum hour of homework every night, busy hallways packed with 1,600 students and trying to balance social life and sports. This sounds like a nightmare for any incoming class, but Emily Ebsen, freshman,wasn’t worried.

“I thought I was going to be lost around the school, but I ended up being fine,” Ebsen said. “I found my way to all my classes.”

Ebsen feels confident taking on her first academic year of high school and first year of high school sports. She plans to try out for the girls lacrosse team this spring.

“I’ve been playing since sixth grade. My brother got me into lacrosse.”

Ebsen finds lots to ways to stay active with her family. When she’s not at school or practicing lacrosse with her brother, she spends time outside with her mom and sister.

“I go running every weekend with my mom and twin sister.”

Active, focused and confident Ebsen is well prepared for freshman year.


Emily Ebsen, WLHSnow Staff

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Emily Ebsen