Local coffee shop stirs the pot

Neighborhood bistro has recently partnered with multiple charities helping people get safe drinking water across the globe

When you walk into the local Willamette Coffee House, you feel invited. This coffee house has grown very popular over the course of the school year, the Willamette coffee house is a friendly environment and is known as a place where you can unwind and get to your studies.

The Coffee House partners with local sports teams and they recently partnered with charities that provide safe drinking water for others across the world, this charity brings a religious aspect to helping others in need.

They dedicate some of their time to be partnered with the “Living Water International” Charity. This community coffee shop is a great way to meet new people, hang out with your friends, and study.  As well as great service this coffee shop provides irresistible pastries at the right price.

Willamette Coffee House is perfect for all ages and has a controlled accepting environment.