New members for West Linn staff

Wen Kuo:

Previously working at Beaverton’s international school and Portland’s international school, Wen Kuo, Chinese teacher, is pleased to be a part of  the West Linn High faculty. Kuo finds the staff and students very hard working.

“The teachers are very professional and the students are highly motivated to learn,” Kuo said.

Kuo grew up in Taipei, Taiwan , making her school experiences unique. According to  Kuo, elementary school teachers had authority and were respected. She was taught in an old fashioned style. As a child she was taught obedience and there were many academic pressures. The teacher were allowed  to hit the students. If students didn’t achieve 100, then they were hit. Kuo has heard schools there are no longer operated the same way.

For Chinese this year, Kuo suggests  that students take the extra mile and work hard.

“Don’t take shortcuts to success since they tend to take longer,” Kuo said.

Mike Fanger:

Another “Link 2U,” for freshmen, Mike Fanger, accelerated pathways and P.E teacher. helps freshmen transition from middle school to high school.  He advises freshmen on study habits, making sure they use planners, setting goals and meeting deadlines.

“ I have been helping them [freshman] with the transition and getting them off to a good start…every grade matters and affects your college life and is important,” Fanger said.“I try to explain it’s not middle school… deadlines should be met and not waiting until the last minute.”

This year Fanger hopes that the freshman can have a welcoming experience, even if he thinks he can come across strict.

“I can come across a little serious, but really I’m easy to approach and I like having fun,” Fanger said.

Coming to West Linn High school from Lincoln high school  has been a positive move  for Fanger.

“The community has been fantastic and very welcoming,” Fanger said.

Fanger is also the new varsity football coach this year and teaches weight training and one period of advanced P.E.

Fanger’s day is split between spending his morning focusing on accelerated pathways and the other half teaching P.E.