5 West Linn art students selected for Portland Open Studios Internship


Chloe Mankin, junior, created this art piece during her Portland Open Studio internship. Mankin is excited to be creating different and unique art forms with her mentor.

Five passionate art students are sculpting their skill set through an exclusive two-week internship for Portland Open Studios. This internship pairs Chloe Mankin, junior, Sophie Passerini, senior,  Madison Walters, senior, Emma Brasfield, senior, and Lauren Wheelock, junior, with professional artists who specialize in an array of art forms, including abstract and stain glass. Diane Gauthier, fine arts teacher, brought up the option to apply during her art classes and at the Art National Honors Society Meeting.

“When the opportunity was brought up in art class to be a part of this internship program I was really excited to be able to work with professionals who have dedicated their life to art,” Chloe Mankin said.  “I am also happy that a professional can review my own artwork.”

Interns spent the two weekends in mid Oct. learning about different art forms, and doing physical labor to help the artists prep their pieces for the open market.

“I spent 14 hours this weekend downtown Portland creating abstract art, and working in my artist’s gallery,” Mankin said. “I had never made abstract art on this scale before! It was rewarding to try something new.”

All five of the interns experienced art in a new way through this internship.

“I wanted to be a part of Portland Open Studios because it’s such a unique program, and I love learning about different forms of art,” Sophie Passerini said. “Through this internship I was able to create my own stained glass piece, a type of art that I would never have been able to create at school—this makes the whole experience worthwhile for me.”