Bella Montgomery, junior, climbs her way to the top


While ascending up the rock wall, Bella Montgomery, junior, can’t remember a time in her life when she didn’t spend at least nine hours practicing every week. With a little more than three years of rock climbing experience under her belt, Montgomery plans to continue climbing throughout the rest of her high school career.

“I don’t know how she does it,” Skye Walker, junior and Montgomery’s friend, said. “You’d have to be extremely devoted to the sport.”

Montgomery started climbing the summer before her freshman year after she was inspired at her younger brother’s rock climbing birthday party.

“I tried it and fell in love,” Montgomery said. “I then later tried out for the team at Club Sport and made it. I love the rush of climbing up, hoping to beat a record previously made.”

One of her favorite memories is of going on a trip to Smith Rock to climb outside with a couple other teammates.

“I was freezing but the routes were so fun,” she said. “I pretty much froze whenever I moved around.”

Throughout her climbing experience, her coach, Brian Adams, has been her biggest role model.

“He has taught me everything I know about climbing and has showed me that hard work pays off,” Montgomery said. Her parents have also been extremely supportive. “They not only support me with climbing but with other day to day things, I can always count on them.”

At school, Montgomery is also a part of the Symphonic Choir.

“Singing is a huge passion of mine and always makes me relax and feel better when I’m upset,” Montgomery said.

With the motivation she achieves from climbing, Montgomery finally feels she has perfected the balance between her school work, climbing, singing and family time. She will be competing in several competitions throughout the school year for both rock climbing and choir and hopes to have an impact on people in her future through her passions.