That’s how the cookie crumbles

The city opens its first Crumbl Cookies location

Birthday Cake featuring Oreo is a cookie only available for a week.

Ben Williams

Birthday Cake featuring Oreo is a cookie only available for a week.

Crumbl Cookies, known as Crumbl by students, recently opened its first West Linn location on March 31, creating a new spot for students to eat a new treat. There have always been choices for students who leave campus during lunch to walk to Market of Choice and Starbucks. Now, students can add Crumbl to the mix.

Crumbl is a franchise that was established back in 2017 by a pair of cousins, Jason McGowan, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Sawyer Hemsley the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The company’s first location was in Utah, growing to over 600 different stores across the U.S. West Linn’s location became the 16th location to open in Oregon.

Averie Goff, sophomore, enjoys getting Crumbl with friends, but the new store makes the popular snack more available.

“I’m pretty excited, I love Crumbl Cookies myself and I always went out to get it,” Goff said.

Nicha Shumar, junior, is not a not a huge fan of Crumbl’s pricing. She believes that Crumbl can be a hit or miss. 

“It’s overpriced and overrated because [at times, but] it’s good sometimes,” Shumar said. “I think it is a good thing because it’s really close to the school and kids from our school like to walk down there.”

Jake Johansen, senior, has enjoyed Crumbl’s variety of cookie flavors. 

“I’m pretty hyped about it, the rotating flavors really keeps a lot of diversity in the Crumbl arena, new flavors every week,” Johansen said.

Crumbl has weekly rotating flavors with their famous Chocolate Chip cookie and Chilled Sugar cookie being always available. With this, there are a variety of different cookie flavors to choose from. However, some students opt for a more classic flavor. 

“I like the chocolate chip cookie the most and I’ll stay with that,” Goff said.

For Shumar, she appreciates the non-traditional flavors, which are rotated frequently.  

“Last week I had this lemon cookie and it was pretty good,” Shumar said.

Crumbl became popular during COVID-19, increasing their sales by 500% since 2019. The company also blew up on TikTok and still maintains a significant social media following with 3.7M followers on Instagram.