Create your own Halloween Costume!


“What should I be for Halloween?” It’s a question we face every year. Costumes from previous years are way out of date. Buying a new costume can be expensive, and not as original as desired. So why not create your own? Here are some creative tips to help you create the best Halloween costumes for you and your friends, without much expense.

First: find a general idea for a costume. If ideas are not coming easily, try looking up images on Google or the website of your local Halloween store. Think of your favorite character from a book, movie or television show.  Find something that interests you and print out the idea. Make sure the costume is clearly visible so you can see accessories that you might want to include.

Now comes the best part: creating the costume. Time to go on a cleaning spree! Dig out those long-lost clothes from your bedroom closet, ask parents for unwanted hats or scarves, or invite friends to bring over random, old articles of clothing and have an exchange. Once a large collection is accumulated, it is time to begin looking for things that match the image that you choose. Items don’t have to match exactly. Colors can be changed according to personal preference and the amount of accessories can be reduced or increased. Express individuality and add a creative twist to a skirt or a cape. Craft supplies that can be found around the house, such as glitter, fabric paint or duct tape, can be a great way to add a unique flair. If you do not have the craft supplies that you need, Michael’s or Joann’s Fabrics have great selections.

If one exact piece is needed to complete the costume and you are willing to spend a little money, a great website for the job would be This website provides you with cost ranges, certain colors and precise types of clothing. You could also head on over to a Goodwill or Value Village, local thrift stores that sell clothing for a very low price.

Not only does making costumes reduce the money spent year after year, but it also allows the freedom to adjust and make the changes needed that fit everyone’s personal preference. Not to mention, it’s super fun! Once the costume is completed, feel free to show it off this Halloween.