“The Hunger Games” movie makes many alterations from its original bestseller


With “The Hunger Games” movie release, many fans of Suzanne Collin’s bestselling book have jumped at the chance to see the the movie version. “The Hunger Games” movie followed most of the main points of the book, but there were a few things that they left out or added.

The movie didn’t show Katniss’ dehydration for the first portion of the movie. She found the pool of water much sooner than she did in the book, omitting that she almost died of dehydration. I don’t think that this was a good change, dehydration really showed Katniss that the hunger games were incredibly brutal.

The movie also added a segment that was never mentioned before in the books: what was happening outside the realm of the Hunger Game’s boundaries. They provided an in-depth view on the Gamemaker’s studio, and the staff members working on the game. Also included was a riot in District 11 following Rue’s death and people at home watching the games. I thought that this was a great change, I was wanting this when I read the book, so I’m glad they included it in the movie.

Another change was cutting the time Katniss and Peeta spent in the caves, showing only a few nights and not as much romance as many of the fans would have liked. Another scene cut out was Katniss bathing Peeta, putting a layer of moss over him instead of mud, therefore not requiring any cleaning.

I feel they missed an important point from the books that was crucial: Katniss not being in love with Peeta. In the movie, it was portrayed as if Katniss was as madly in love with him as he was with her and didn’t provide the fact that she was just acting. The only part that could have been interpreted as her love being an act was one line about ‘everything returning back to normal’ after the Games.

Overall, they shortened quite a few nights, and the weeks of the Hunger Games went by fast. The new perspective outside The Hunger Games was a very interesting touch, but Katniss’ love could be interpreted either way, which may open new possibilities in the upcoming movies.