Team Starkid brings laughter and talent to the Roseland


Standing in line for Apocalyptour, the concert put on by Team Starkid, there is an audible hum of excitement. A sing-along erupts from a small group in line and spreads like wildfire to the rest of the line, making us all even more anxious to see the show. A few passerbys ask what we’re in line for, and when someone answers with a gleeful, “Starkid,” they either smile and nod or back away slowly. Luckily, this doesn’t change our mood and we’re back to bouncing with anticipation. Then, the doors are opened by disgruntled employees and we all rush inside, trying to be polite yet assertive to get a good spot.

Entering the Roseland Theater, you can’t help but feel panicked and rushed. That being said, I rather like the Roseland; the slightly grungy atmosphere perfectly captures the essence of Portland’s music scene. It has an untouched feel to it, as if it hasn’t been tainted by the mainstream. It seemed to be the perfect venue for the little known musical theater group, Team Starkid.

The usual resignation of listening to the opening act turned to excited shrieks once Charlene Kaye, singer-songwriter and close friend of the Starkids, took the stage. Accompanied by Megan Cox on the keyboard and the violin, Dave Scalia on the drums, Tomek Miernowski on the bass and Clark Baxtresser on the keyboard and back-up vocals, Kaye’s set really shined and was the perfect preview. Never before have I heard the crowd become so fired up over an opening act. Not only were we screaming our heads off for Kaye, we were screaming for her hunky back-up singer. A crazy fangirl even screamed, “Take off your shirt, Clark!” from the audience.

After several beautiful songs, including a duet with Dylan Saunders, a member of Team Starkid, Kaye and company exit the stage and we’re left to swelter in the collective body heat of the crowd to wait. One girl even fainted, but whether it was from dehydration or overexcitement, we’ll never know.

After a sound check, including an appearance by Team Starkid member Julia Albain who would not be performing that night, Joey Richter emerges from a tent on the corner of the stage and begins singing a song from one of their original musicals. He’s joined by Joe Walker, Brian Holden, Dylan Saunders, Brian Rosenthal, Lauren Lopez, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Meredith Stepien and Jim Povolo (playing a Mayan god named Margaret), as they launch into the show. It wasn’t so much a concert as it was a show; the plot being that they had all given up musical theater to be archeologists and on a dig they find an ancient Mayan artifact.

For two hours, we were all entranced by the catchy songs and spiffy choreography. I was glad that they didn’t just sing their songs from the musical with nothing new added. They took their original songs and added new harmonies and verses.

We all left the Roseland completely dazed from seeing our beloved Starkids on stage. The Starkids are incredibly dedicated to their work, and they’re incredibly talented. They have something that can appeal to everyone, from sci-fi nerds to shopaholic teens. I suggest that anyone looking for a laugh should check out Team Starkid on YouTube by their username StarKidPotter. You will not be disappointed.

Although I was expecting a concert rather than a scripted show, I thoroughly enjoyed Apocalyptour. I appreciated the fact that they performed pieces from all of their shows and not just the popular ones. The Starkids created a hilariously entertaining show full of stuffed monkeys, confetti cannons and guys in short-shorts. I enjoyed seeing my favorite internet celebrities acting so human, because to me they’re so much bigger than that.